Electrical Maintenance Contracts

The annual electrical maintenance contract is an agreement with Nozom Al Amani Technical Services that determines the type of service will be provided.

1. Annually Electrical Maintenance

2. Annually, Air Conditioner Service & Maintenance

3. Annually Apartment Painting

Services that are often covered under such contracts include:

•          Electrical set up and new cable replacing

•          Electrical panel installation replacement and upgrading

•          Surge protection of whole house

•          Outlet installation and repair

•          Ceiling fan repair and new fan installation

•          All lighting requirements – fixture repair, replacement and installation

•          Smoke and Carbon monoxide detector installation and setup

•          Exhaust fan installations and wiring

•          Hot tub and Pool wiring and installation

•          Electrical safety inspection and taking necessary measures  

•          Switch Replace

•          All kinds of electrical maintenance and repair

We are using more than 10 years’ experience that we gained from many years to service customers in Dubai. We are offering simple annual maintenance contracts to cover essential regular AC Servicing and Qualified Premium support for AC, Plumbing and Electrical repairs for the whole year.

The annual electrical maintenance contract includes your full year of electrical protection. We have some similar annual contracts for AC servicing, plumbing and painting.