Nojom Al Amani Technical Services is the Best Electrical Repair Servicing Company for AC Servicing, Plumbing and Painting in Dubai.

Wire inspections are something that no homeowner should ever ignore. The fact is that no matter how safe a home may be from the outside, there are some elements that may not be visible, but these are extremely important for a safe home. One of them is the electric wire in the house. We have provided Professional Electrical Services to thousands of Residential and Commercial Customers across Dubai over the past year.


Nojom Al Amani Technical Services offers a skilled and experienced group of electrician and technicians for different types of electrical malfunctions and checkups. Now you can stop thinking about your inexperienced local technicians; we are here to help you with our best-experienced team to provide better electrical solutions on time and a friendly budget for your family. Our service includes connecting electricity supply wiring to electrical equipment or disconnecting electricity supply wiring from electrical equipment; or manufacturing, installation of electrical light fittings, switches & fixtures, electrical appliances, emergency lights, garden lights, adding, removing, complete electrical testing and fault finding, repairing, replacing, altering or maintaining electrical equipment or an electrical installation.


This is a common upgrade which helps to avoid having appliances running constantly even when it is not necessary. It also helps reduce huge electricity bills. Hiring a professional electrician for this operation ensures that you maintain a solid current that is used only when needed; as they will check each cable, outlet, as well as receptacles.


We are dedicated to services such as installing new wires, new receptacles, or even switching to newer fixtures. It also includes upgrades such as increasing the amount of electricity in your home, which may involve installation of new breakers with higher wattage ratings.


Older properties sometimes make it difficult to keep up with the electrical and amperage demands of modern appliances. Installing large and new appliances like washing machine, dryers, flat screen large TVs, and ovens is not always as easy as unboxing and plugging it in.


Large appliances need to be properly wired at home, which means that you may need to upgrade your electrical system before installing. Appliance wiring can be completed by installing a dedicated circuit, meaning the appliance is connected to its own electrical circuit to protect you and your home, and your new appliance.


Electrical problems often occur when least expected, and this makes emergency repair work necessary. In case of a power blackout at work, an electrician needs to check it immediately, as it can affect normal operations such as the lighting, air conditioning, as well as electrical appliances.


No matter if it’s getting set up the right first time with a new project or installation, or just getting you back on track with some maintenance or repairs, contact Nojom Al Amani Technical Services to get a quick quote or discuss your electrical needs. Nojom Al Amani Technical Services WhatsApp Customer Support 24/7 is here to help you Learn More About All Our Services so you can save energy and save money.